New GoPro cameras – The HD Hero 3

This is the only info I could find. Shipping dates indicates that an official announcement is soon to happen. Pictures will be added later.


The HD Hero 3 is a huge step ahead of the HD Hero 2. People are going to love these cameras. We will offer three models; the HD Hero 3 White Edition, Silver Edition and Black Edition. We will have three price points, and all three models have WiFi Built into them. They all share a new form factor which is the same rectangular shape (which lends itself to be mounted anywhere, including the Chest), but it’s much thinner than the HD1/ HD2. The HD Hero 3 + Backpack is the size of todays camera by itself. All three models will come shipped with the new housing which incorporates an underwater lens into the housing and an improved locking latch. The camera needs to work as well under the water as above the water since it’s waterproof. We did have to go to the Micro SD Card format since SD Card Trays are way to big for this camera. There are ton of other improvements; I’ll send out a Camera Comparison Sheet once we have that and are allowed to send images.
Camera Line Up:

HD Hero 3 White Edition – $199 Retail. This is basically an HD Hero 1 Camera (5mp photo sensor, etc.) that includes WiFi, dive lens and the new, thinner form factor. Available 10/21/12 to ship.

1080/30, 960/30, 720/60
5MP Photo
3 shots 1 second photo burst
WiFi Built in
Improved Housing (locking latch / dive lens)

HD Hero 3 Silver Edition – $299 Retail. This is your HD Hero 2 camera with WiFi built in, new form factor and improved housing. Available 10/21/12 to ship.

1080/30, 960/48, 720/60
11MP Photo
10 shots 1 second photo burst
WiFi Built in
Advanced Features / Capture (Protune and White Balance)
Improved Housing (locking latch / dive lens)

HD Hero 3 Black Edition – $399 Retail. This is brand new technology with incredible new settings. Available mid to late November to ship.

4K/15, 2.7K/30, 1440/48, 1080/60, 960/100, 720/120
12MP Photo
30 shots in 1 second (plus many more burst settings where you can control how many shots in the burst and how long the burst lasts)
WiFi Built in
Remote Control Included (only on this model – remote is $79.95 by itself) – if you net out the price of the remote, the Black Edition is only $20 more than the Silver Edition.
Advanced Features / Capture (Protune, White Balance, Continuous Photo, and Picture in Video – PIV capabilities)
Improved Housing (Locking Latch / Dive Lens)

* This is the one camera model that comes in two versions; the Adventure Version and the Surf Version. The surf version simply comes with a surf mount, but no floaty back door.

DIY Machining center development

The Arduino board, that we know from many multicopter projects, is used to control this 4th axis. This is a video posted by Steve Simpson on YouTube. This is the same 4th axis I have for the BF20 mill, and it’s very nice to see how Steve continue to expand the possibilities.

“here is the long needed custom 4th axis motor controller. Designed specifically to take full advantage of the unique capabilities of the ‘mini machinign center’; which is a normal mill fitted with one of my 4th axis”

Open Source Multicopter Controllers

If you search for the latest in affordable flight controllers, there is no way around the community projects. As an open-source project, all source code and hardware plans are freely available for anyone to produce, use, modify, and redistribute in accordance with the GNU GPL License Agreement, which requires only that the open-source nature of the project must be maintained by all who redistribute it. These are the products that will take over the DIY multicopter market for sure.

Today I received the Open Pilot CC board, which is the first commercially availible board from the Open Pilot team. I had the software installed allready, and after hooking up the board everything came to life without a single problem.

The CopterControl platform has been designed to perform the following functions:

  • a MultiRotor controller with auto-level, including TriCopters, QuadCopters and HexaCopters
  • a Flybarless Helicopter controller with auto-level
  • a Fixed Wing UAV controller

The CopterControl hardware has the following features:

  • Powerful STM32 32-bit microcontroller running at 90MIPs with 128KB Flash and 20KB RAM
  • 3-axis high-performance MEMs gyros and 3-axis high-performance MEMs accelerometer
  • Tiny 36mmx36mm 4 layer PCB for superior electrical noise reduction and flight performance.
  • Software support for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Direct high speed USB support with no drivers required, a truly plug and play device.
  • Spektrum satellite receiver support
  • Futaba S-BUS hardware support
  • Innovative Flexi-port technology for superior port flexibility
  • 4Mbits on-board EEPROM for configuration storage

A detailed review will follow when the mikro Y6 is ready. This looks very promising!

Development of the Micro Raven 140

I have always wanted a really small UAS, and since the Raven 740 worked so well, I decided to bring the same airframe down to micro size. It’s still in the early stages of development, but I have gathered most of the parts, and the last piece of the puzzle will be the OpenPilot CC board.

On the hardware side I have been inspired by the great performance of the Shrediquette Bolt, so there is a resemblance in the power system.

  • OpenPilot CC controller
  • NMEA complient GPS
  • Futaba FASST radio system – S-Bus
  • Robbe and DragonPlate carbon materials in frame
  • 6 Robbe ROXXY BL Outrunner 1815/25
  • 6 10A ESCs
  • AirAce 3-blade propellers
  • 3 cell 1050 mAH LiPo battery

I wish to set up a 4th axis on my mill, and this build is a perfect excuse for me to finnish that project.

I will also try a version built up from plates (1st picture) with protected propellers.

New multirotor Y6 in flight

Dimensions 740mm motor to motor. 380mm height
Frame material Carbon fiber
Weight 3000g with battery and camera (GH2 w 14mm lens)
Camera mass Up to 1000g
Motors AXI 2217/20 (6)
Controller MikroKopter with navi and GPS
Radio system Futaba
Transmission technology FASST  2,4GHz
Fail Safe Hold / Come home
Battery LiPo 14,8V 4500 – 6000 mAH

Preview of the new Y6 design

I have flown the Okto for 1 year now and it is time for an upgrade. There are some nice frames on the market, but in the end, I decided to design my own.

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