4th axis for the BF20 Mill

I have ordered a 4th axis from Steve Simpson. I first became aware of the product when I saw it in a forum post at www.machsupport.com It’s a versatile unit that can be both 4th axis and lathe. Mine is ready in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to test it.

The product have gone through several design changes since I first saw it on YouTube. It has been a fun process to follow, and the result of the evolution is amazing. I went for a heavy duty version with 2 step belt reduction and pneumatic brake. Max RPM in lathe mode will be around 3500 with 1:1 ratio in 2nd gear. I have decided to use a Yaskawa 750W AC servo in the Sigma II range. The servo setup seems easy enough, but I have only tested it with the RS232 interface. As a 4th axis it will be controlled with Mach3 and position control with step and direction signals from a computer.

These machines are hand made in batches, so you have to contact Steve for details. His website is: www.thecubestudio.com You can also check out his YouTube channel for more videos.

Expect a follow up when my 4th axis arrives!


About Jan Henning
I am a aerial photographer and product designer. I will use this blog to promote my own work, but also share useful information and interesting finds in the categories photography, cnc, air vehicles and other tech stuff.

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