Development of the Micro Raven 140

I have always wanted a really small UAS, and since the Raven 740 worked so well, I decided to bring the same airframe down to micro size. It’s still in the early stages of development, but I have gathered most of the parts, and the last piece of the puzzle will be the OpenPilot CC board.

On the hardware side I have been inspired by the great performance of the Shrediquette Bolt, so there is a resemblance in the power system.

  • OpenPilot CC controller
  • NMEA complient GPS
  • Futaba FASST radio system – S-Bus
  • Robbe and DragonPlate carbon materials in frame
  • 6 Robbe ROXXY BL Outrunner 1815/25
  • 6 10A ESCs
  • AirAce 3-blade propellers
  • 3 cell 1050 mAH LiPo battery

I wish to set up a 4th axis on my mill, and this build is a perfect excuse for me to finnish that project.

I will also try a version built up from plates (1st picture) with protected propellers.

About Jan Henning
I am a aerial photographer and product designer. I will use this blog to promote my own work, but also share useful information and interesting finds in the categories photography, cnc, air vehicles and other tech stuff.

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