Development of the Micro Raven 140

I have always wanted a really small UAS, and since the Raven 740 worked so well, I decided to bring the same airframe down to micro size. It’s still in the early stages of development, but I have gathered most of the parts, and the last piece of the puzzle will be the OpenPilot CC board.

On the hardware side I have been inspired by the great performance of the Shrediquette Bolt, so there is a resemblance in the power system.

  • OpenPilot CC controller
  • NMEA complient GPS
  • Futaba FASST radio system – S-Bus
  • Robbe and DragonPlate carbon materials in frame
  • 6 Robbe ROXXY BL Outrunner 1815/25
  • 6 10A ESCs
  • AirAce 3-blade propellers
  • 3 cell 1050 mAH LiPo battery

I wish to set up a 4th axis on my mill, and this build is a perfect excuse for me to finnish that project.

I will also try a version built up from plates (1st picture) with protected propellers.

New multirotor Y6 in flight

Dimensions 740mm motor to motor. 380mm height
Frame material Carbon fiber
Weight 3000g with battery and camera (GH2 w 14mm lens)
Camera mass Up to 1000g
Motors AXI 2217/20 (6)
Controller MikroKopter with navi and GPS
Radio system Futaba
Transmission technology FASST  2,4GHz
Fail Safe Hold / Come home
Battery LiPo 14,8V 4500 – 6000 mAH

Preview of the new Y6 design

I have flown the Okto for 1 year now and it is time for an upgrade. There are some nice frames on the market, but in the end, I decided to design my own.